World Health Mission is a non-profit, non-sectarian, (501 Hc)(3) charitable medical organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1989. The organization is dedicated to providing volunteer medical services to patients, to providing training and continuing medical education to staff physicians, nurses , residents and medical students, and to donating critical medical equipment and supplies to hospitals that lack necessary equipment. Our major focus has been with assisting the Jos University Teaching Hospital in Jos, Nigeria.

World Health Mission was founded by Dr. Olu Sangodeyi and Dr. Robert Ford. There are no paid employees, as the organization is a non-profit.

World Health Mission solicits donations to pay for logistical expenses such as the shipping of donated medical equipment and supplies    (trucking and air freight) as well as other trip preparation expenses such as professional crating for valuable equipment, packing supplies, necessary repair of medical equipment and ill. special cases, the purchase of critical medical equipment to facilitate specific projects. On a case-by-case basis, the organization has provided money for medical care for Nigerian patients with

extraordinarily critical medical conditions and has offered assistance to several critically important team members who could not afford transportation expenses.

Dr Olu Sangodeyi (center) Current President
Dr. Robert Ford and his wife, Karen, Dr. Ford is an honorary member of the board.