On October 20, 1990, six physicians and health care professionals traveled from Pittsburgh to Jos, Nigeria to a world unknown and an uncertain fate. A stranger called out to them, "Are you Dr. Ford?" We immediately found Dr. Momoh to be a trusted friend, a gifted pediatric surgeon, and a caring human being . He lived to serve others, showing compassion for the sick, his hospital employees, and his family . He looked out for us as a shepherd and we acted as his sheep. We knew we would be returning. World Health Mission made thirteen trips to Nigeria between November 1990 and February 2005 . We continue to complement the work of the Jos University Medical School staff in the education and training of medical students, nurses, residents and faculty. Specific World Health Mission projects and initiatives include:
Dr. Mike Reich operates on several patients to remove genital fitulas in women in Northern Central part of Nigeria.
​January 2005 - To Repair a Beautiful Heart
WHM personnel spent two months in Accra, Ghana to facilitate the open heart surgery of Rachel, a thirteen year old girl…....
January 2004 — Investigating Malaria
World Health Mission initiated an expansive malaria project with the purpose of investigating the relationship between malaria and the immune status of first pregnancy females and children under five.
2004 — Educate The Children Project, Butura, Nigeria
WHM personnel, Dr. Morrison personally funded the construction of a new elementary school in the village of Butura, in appreciation, Dr. Morrison was commissioned as a Chief
WHM established the first School of Ultrasonography in Nigeria at Jos University Teaching Hospital, the school attracts applicants from all over the country…..
​November 2000 — Mitigating Breast Cancer Through Early Diagnoses
November 2000 — Mitigating Cervical Cancer Through Screening
A cervical cancer screening project was initiated to screen for cervical cancer and to promote the importance of pap smears. A WHM cytologist and a pathologist trained lab technicians in smear staining echniques and interpretation.
November 2000 — Reducing spread of HIV and Hepataitis B
we participated in a study of HIV and Hepatitis B prevalence in the Jos area. Analysis in Pittsburgh of 400 blood specimens revealed only one half of the expected HIV cases, but a surprising 66% Hepatitis B incidence…..
WHM provided Jos University Teaching Hospital with the first mammography machine in northern Nigeria. Training of the hospital radiology staff was provided by a WHM radiologist…..
November 1990 - Present — Saving Babies
Provided Jos Univ. Teaching Hospital with its first fetal monitoring equipment and trained the obstetrical nursing staff and physicians in fetal monitoring. They continue to save the lives of babies every day.
November 2000 — Better Health through Diabetes/BP Screening
Initiated Diabetes Screening/Blood Pressure Screening Projects.
November 1990 — Knowledge is Power: Established Medical Library
We established a medical library and equipped it with computer technology, a WHM computer information retrieval specialist/medical librarian trained the library staff and physicians in information retrieval and the use of the internet.